My name is Ayjay and I’m 15 years old. I was found abandoned with my feet so neglected that I could hardly walk and I was in foal. I was starving and ready to give up when they found me in June 2020 and sent me here.

I made a full recovery, thanks to the care I got here, and after 10 months, I gave birth to a healthy foal called Chrissie. This isn’t a very flattering picture of me because it was taken just before I had the baby.
My foal is almost weaned now, thank God, because she’s enormous and very troublesome.

The people who had me before used to put me to a big stallion every year so my pregnancies were always hard and my foals very big.. This will be the first year of my life that I’m not in foal and it’s such a relief to know I’ll never have to go through that again

Perhaps someone will adopt me this year but in the meantime you can sponsor me for €50 a year.

Watch Ayjay in Action