Al Caponey

Al Caponey

My name is Al Caponey. When they sent me here from another rescue I was called Joey but the Lady soon changed my name when she saw what a gangster I was.

I was found wandering around an estate in Meath in 2020. I was still a stallion at 7 years old and I wanted to kill other ponies. So the rescue that saved me asked the Lady to take me because they couldn’t manage me. At first I had to stay in a paddock on my own, screaming and stamping at everyone on the other side of the fence but then the Lady put me in with some mares. I liked that but the Lady said if I wanted to be adopted one day, I’d have to learn to get along with other geldings too. 

So over the next year she slowly introduced me to the others and now I can live in a herd with all other ponies, mares and geldings. I’m still a bit frightened but I’m not as bad as I used to be so perhaps this year someone will adopt me and I’ll get a home of my own.

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