What is Laminitis?

Laminitis is a common, extremely painful and frequently recurrent condition in horses, ponies and donkeys.

It has significant welfare implications for owners. This condition affects the tissues (laminae) bonding the hoof wall to pedal bone in the hoof. This can result in the pedal bone sinking or rotating within the hoof under the weight of the horse.

In extreme cases this can result in penetration the sole of the foot by the pedal bone. More than 7% of equine deaths are linked to laminitis, with many animals having to be euthanased. But it is treatable.

We currently have 3 ponies at Putting in the Magic who are in various stages of recovery, Ernie, Sinbad and Pamela Anderson

We use Formahoof in our rehabilitation programme for our laminitic ponies, Click here to choose the best FormaHoof products for your horse’s needs and to find an Applicator near you.

Here is a video of Ernie’s progress.