My name is Master Ernest Rednickers but everyone calls me Ernie. I’m 15 years old. I came here in April 2021 with acute laminitis. I had been all alone in a field for over 2 years when my family’s circumstances changed and they had to move away. They still came every day to feed me but I spent most of the day lying down and I was very lonely with no other pony for company.

When I got here they put Formahoof moulds on my feet and soon I was able to trot around. Then, after 2 months I started getting abscesses in both feet and I was crippled again for the next 5 months. 

I’m much better now and I haven’t had an abscess for over 6 weeks. I hope I’ll be able to trot again in Spring but I don’t think the Lady will ever rehome me because I might get them again and I have to get special medication every day and have my feet trimmed once a week.

I don’t mind because I have lots of friends here and I’m not lonely any more.

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