Putting in the Magic

We provide a place of safety for abused ponies

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Putting in the Magic

“I shall gather up all the lost souls that wander this earth

All the ones that are alone

All the ones that are broken

All the ones that never really fitted in

I shall gather them all up

And together we shall find our home.”

~Athey Thompson

I started rescuing ponies in January 2014 when I found a Shetland foal abandoned at the roadside….

- Carole York

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FAQ - Putting in the Magic CLG

Most of them come from other rescues, who may not have space, or who feel a pony needs the specialised care we can provide. Some are surrendered by members of the public who can no longer care for them.

IBAN 95AIBK93429111527049
A/C NO11527049

Yes, via Paypal account puttinginthemagic@gmail.com or by direct transfer from your bank account to ours.
IBAN 95AIBK93429111527049
A/C NO11527049

To the police or the Department of Agriculture. We are not authorised to seize ponies.

No. If an adopter no longer wants a pony it must be returned to us.

Yes, we take in only small ponies up to a height of 110cm

No but we do occasionally accept visits by appointment for adults only.

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