I am DIABLO. I’m a Welsh Pony and I’m 12 years old. I was found running wild in a field in Northern Ireland in 2013, with another little pony and taken into a rescue. The other pony came around quickly and was rehomed but I was terrified of people so nobody wanted me. The rescue sent me to a professional yard for training and they did horrible things to me and sent me back in a worse state than when I went there. They said I would never amount to anything and should be put to sleep. But the Lady at Putting in the Magic said she would take me. 

It was a very long journey from Louth to Waterford and when they came to take me out of the lorry, I was so frightened I fainted and fell over.

I’ve been here 7 years now. I’ve been out on foster this summer and they’re teaching me how to be a good pony so maybe next year someone kind and patient will give me a home. It’s not my fault I’m afraid, its what people did to me. I’ve never kicked or bitten anyone, even though I’m so very nervous. 

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