My name is Frances and I’m the oldest pony here. This is my special rug, It’s called the Curse of the Burning Arsehole rug. It has magical powers and I wear it when I set people’s bottoms on fire.

I was found in 2012, tied to a tree outside a primary school in Dublin where children were stoning me and kicking me until I fell down and couldn’t get up. Luckily someone saw what was happening and called the pound to take me away.

I was terrified out of my wits and the vet at the pound said I was dangerous and must be put to sleep after 5 days but a rescue stepped in and fought for me and after a few weeks I was released and sent to Louth.

I wouldn’t allow anyone near me and in 2014 the at Lady at Putting in the Magic said she’d take me. I’ve been here for 8 years and I’m still very frightened of people. 

I come to the front door for my feed twice a day and I’ll go into a stable and allow the Lady to groom me but that’s it.My teeth are very worn down because I’m so old and I can’t chew hay any more and I have to get special medication because I can’t digest my feed properly and my poos are very soft. I also have arthritis. Otherwise I’m in very good health.

I was adopted by Paul and Mary in March 2022 where I lived out my life until just before Christmas my back legs gave in and I couldn’t get up and so the vet came and put me to sleep. I was almost 50 years old by then and I was happy to go.

Watch Frances in Action