My name is MacDonald and I am an Irish cob. I came to Putting in the Magic in 2016 when I was only 10 days old. The people who bred me thought I was worthless so they took me away from my mummy and leased her out as a foster mare to a more valuable foal. I cried for days after.

I was very small then and the Lady had to feed me a litre of milk every four hours for 3 months to keep me alive until I could eat grass and pony cubes for myself.I don’t think she got much sleep.

Last year, when I turned 4, I was adopted by a lovely lady in Galway but she had an accident and had to send me back earlier this year. I was treated like a king and I was very sad to leave her. 

I’m 7 years old now and the Lady has decided to keep me as her riding pony.

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