My name is Lorenzo but I like to call myself Prince Lorenzo the Brave.

I’m a black and white Shetland pony and I’m 2 years old. When I was only 3 months old the bad people took me away from my mummy and put shoes on my back feet and made me pull a cart with 5 big lads in it.

I tried to run away and nearly got hit by a car.

But then a kind lady found me and brought me to Putting in the Magic. I was so small she could fit me in the back of her jeep.

I was very sad and frightened when I came here. I was hungry and thin and my back was sore and I had an eye infection and my back legs didn’t work properly. 

I missed my mummy and I felt so ill I thought I was going to die.

It took about 2 weeks before I was well enough to go out with the other ponies but I soon made lots of friends and forgot about my mummy.

All the ponies like me because I am such a happy pony now and I like to play alot. 

Watch Lorenzo in Action