My name is Matchbox and I write the Blog. I am a little coloured pony with one blue eye. I was found in a shed in 2013, with another little pony, being tortured by children. They cut my nostril and cut off the other pony’s tail and mane. I was very frightened when I first came here and I used to kick and bite. I ran away into next door’s field and they couldn’t catch me for 3 weeks.

I’m 12 years old now. I still don’t like to be caught but I don’t kick or bite any more and sometimes I let the Lady put a headcollar on me and groom me but not all the way down my back and not on my legs. I really want to find a home of my own but I can’t go until I let them trim my feet and put a microchip in my neck so I can get a passport. I tried to kill the farrier once but luckily I trim my own feet by walking alot.

Sometimes I climb over the ditch into next door’s field and I get into trouble but it’s worth it because next door’s has lots of lovely grass.

I’ll probably be here for the rest of my life unless a very patient person wants to take me on but I don’t mind too much because the Lady is very nice to me and I have lots of friends.

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