Reginald Goatpony

Reginald Goatpony

I am Reginald Goatpony and I am 12 years old. The bad people tied me to an electric gate at an industrial premises in Limerick in September 2018. Every time the gate opened I had to walk with it and the blue rope got tangled all around my legs and belly and cut me. A lady saw me and called the rescue and they took me to the vet because my cuts were infected. After that they sent me to Putting in the Magic. 

I was a very bad tempered pony, biting and kicking all around me but the Lady here was very nice to me and now I’m a very friendly pony, except to children. I don’t like children at all. But I love little foals,and when a little foal called Ella came here, me and Pamela Anderson took care of her together until she was a year old and got adopted.

It will be hard for me to get a home because I bite children but in the meantime you can sponsor me for €50 a year while I try to be a good boy.

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