Putting in the Magic


MacDonald’s Magical Miles


I’m a bit late with this week’s blog because we had not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR storms last week and I got blown out of it into next door’s, me and Diablo and Reginald and Al Caponey. A big gust of wind came and whoosh, up we went into the air and landed on the other side of the ditch. The Lady’s car was in the garage getting a new exhaust all week, well it didn’t actually take all week just our mechanic Ollie lost the Lady’s phone number so he couldn’t let her know it was ready last Saturday. It was a nuisance because it meant the Lady was at home all week watching us and we had to cancel our plans to go into the other next door’s for a feed of grass, there’s feck all grass here by this stage and we’re sick of hay.

The Lady made a separate track for Ernie and Sinbad and Pamela Anderson with no grass on it and they were so cross they went in the stable and wouldn’t come out for 2 whole days. The Lady gave them all a back massage, I wouldn’t have minded one meself but she said only if I let her lift up my feet and I wasn’t having that so I didn’t get a massage. It’s not fair.

MacDonald started his walk to raise money to buy our own place because our landlord wants to sell this one and feck us out of it, the miserable cur. Where does he think we’re going to go? Frances says she’ll put the Curse of the Burning Arsehole on him so he’ll have more important things to think about than selling the house. It’ll probably be on the 6 o’clock news.

Anyway MacDonald is going to walk all over Ireland to raise money, he’s got his own Facebook page now, it’s called Macdonald’s Magical Miles and he’s already walked 6.8km and this week he’s going to walk 10km. Lorenzo said he wanted to go with him but the Lady said no way because the last time she took him for a walk he bit her and stood up on his hind legs when they got to the cross and caused a traffic jam and the Lady was mortified.

He’s a TikTok star now. 27,000 people have watched him making an arse of himself getting stuck in a wheelbarrow, there’s no accounting for what people will watch on the internet.

Today Nicola came to help the Lady fence the ditch to stop us going into Rocketts. They’ve done a good job, we went to try it out once they were finished and we couldn’t find a way through but Diablo says there’s another place further up so we’ll give it a few days and then we’ll try there.

And the fucking Russians have invaded Ukraine, people are dying, as if there isn’t enough hardship in the world, what are they like?