Putting in the Magic


All about Lorenzo

Between the poxy Russians invading Ukraine and Lorenzo becoming a TikTok sensation it’s been quite a week. He’s so far up himself now, you can’t talk to him without an appointment. He thought the Ukraine was down at the Port in Cork, we had to explain to him it was next to Russia and then he wanted to know where Russia is, so at that point we gave up and Pamela Anderson enrolled him in Pony School, which was suspended during the Pandemic. He was supposed to get home schooling from Reginald Goatpony  but there was a breakdown in communication and Reginald thought Pamela Anderson was schooling him so in the end he got no schooling at all and it shows. He’s a most ignorant little bollix.

The Lady found out where we gapped it over the ditch into Rocketts and she and Nicola spent all of Thursday morning putting a fence across the top but they left a small gap which Diablo spotted so it was no bother to us to go in there again. Reginald said it wouldn’t be long before she spotted us so we should make the best of it but in the end we got 3 days out of it because the weather was so shite the Lady hardly came out of the house. ThMacen she stuck 3 pallets in the gap and so far we haven’t found another way out but we will.

We’ve raised nearly €3000 to buy the property. It’s been only 3 weeks since we started and the Lady is very pleased. Lorenzo held a raffle on Sunday and got €70.

We’re very upset thinking about the Ukraine and what’s happening to the animals people have to leave behind, what are they going to do with nowhere to sleep and noone to feed them. What about the poor horses at Chernobyl? It’s a worry.

The Lady is run off her feet now, making videos and posting them on TikTok and Facebook and Instagram. She says it has to be done because that’s the only way lots of people are going to know about our predicament and send us money. They mostly about Lorenzo but she says she’ll be making ones of all of us, I hope it be my turn soon, I’d like to be a TikTok star.